Sound Vibration Control

Did you know that sound vibration, which is also known as noise vibration, can be a common problem?

When mechanical equipment vibrates into a structure, it can travel throughout the entire structure leading to constant disruptions.

For example, if a piece of roof top mechanical equipment is not properly isolated from the roof, then the vibration it generates could show up as annoying sound vibration several floors away. It disturbs people from the work they are trying to do and it is possible for it to make them sick. If a piece of mechanical equipment is not properly isolated from the floor, it too can cause problems for people who work elsewhere in the building. This applies to ductwork and plumbing runs, as well.

This can also apply to the vibration that is generated by traffic or airplanes that finds its way into the structure. If the building contains sensitive equipment laboratory or surgical equipment, this could be a major problem.

If you have a sound vibration problem, or would like to avoid one.
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