Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise control is a growing concern in factories,
industrial sites, manufacturing and mining facilities. 

Noise can cause harm to employees at industrial work sites in ways that may surprise you.  A Cornell University study has found that noise can be linked to serious illness, such as respiratory ailments, diabetes and heart disease.  Findings like these and others have contributed to the World Health Organization stating that “noise must be recognized as a major threat to human wellness.” 

43.5% of employees in manufacturing plants were overexposed to noise. (National Institue for Occupational Safety and Health)

Not only is noise bad for employee health on many different levels. It also hurts the company’s profitability.  Noise leads to increased distractions, higher error rates and contributes to accidents; all which can cost your company money.

Because of the risks, companies are required to comply with industrial safety noise levels within OSHA or other governmental or insurance agency requirements.  The goal for industrial noise control is to promote hearing conservation while reducing noise levels for personnel to protect them from hearing loss and to increase overall industrial safety within the facilities. 

Keep in mind that it is the employer’s responsibility to protect their employee’s from noise. If a company relies solely on hearing protection to prevent hearing damage to their employees, it is extremely difficult to make sure that it is properly fitted and properly worn.

The costs associated with noise are high for everyone…employee and owner alike.

AcoustiControl can help you evaluate the acoustical health of your facility and provide recommendations on ways to help your facility be a healthier environment to work in and to also adhere to the noise regulations codes.

Noise regulation codes are not only the law, but will result in happier employees and increased company profitability.

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