Multi-Family Developments Sound Control

Multi-family Apartment and Condominium Complexes, as well as Senior Living Facilities have shared walls. Shared walls can mean unwanted noise from the unit next door, or from up above. Shared corridors can also mean less privacy. Many cities and municipalities in the U.S. now have requirements in their building codes that require certain levels of noise separation between living units be met.

With the advent of home theatres, modern stereo equipment, and plasma screen TVs being hung on walls that separate living units, noise control is an ever important component in multifamily design.

AcoustiControl can make sure that your multifamily project design meets or exceeds local building code requirements.

And besides, noise control is now considered an amenity among most people choosing a multifamily dwelling, even more important than a pool.

When you can hear people walking above you, that type of noise is referred to as Impact Noise, or IIC (Impact Isolation Class).

When you can hear people talking in the unit next door, that type of noise is referred to as STC (Sound Transmission Class) noise.

Technical Solutions

To solve STC noise, you have to have mass. The more mass, the better the STC. The better or higher the STC rating, the more privacy the wall can provide. To solve impact noise, also referred to as structure noise, it's the complete opposite. It is not so much the function of mass as it is the function of isolation and vibration breaks. An acoustics sound consultant will be able to help identify potential issues.

Architects may specify STC/IIC ratings of walls and floors, but if the specification and design details do not contain recommendations to prevent flanking (pathway that can let noise snake around the wall or floor or even under the floor ceiling assembly) then the effectiveness of the specification is greatly reduced.

For example, a 1/16" crack at the floor line can reduce a 50 STC wall design to a 39, which is well below code. An electrical outlet in a wall, if not properly insulated, can also greatly reduce the STC value of a wall.

An acoustics consultant can help to identify the full scope of the problem and provide material recommendations and solutions.

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