Environmental Noise Control

Different municipalities have different noise ordinances.

AcoustiControl conducts environmental and transportation noise studies for new or existing facilities to assess community annoyance or compliance with local or state regulations.

Whatever the source of noise, AcoustiControl
can help determine how to find a remedy.

Examples of these types of projects include:

  • If noise from new business parks or factories will violate local noise ordinances affecting adjoining neighborhoods.
  • If the noise from the rooftop or other mechanical equipment of multifamily or commercial buildings will violate noise ordinances affecting nearby buildings or residences.
  • Road & highway modifications very often alter the amount of noise that is generated off the road surface. We can monitor transportation noise and make recommendations for transportation noise wall design.
  • Nightclubs and concert venues are most generally required to adhere to local noise ordinances and we can help determine what is necessary acoustically to achieve this.