Worship Space Acoustics

The term "Good Acoustics" has different meanings to different people. What good acoustics means for the choir or the band will be very different than what good acoustics means for the Minister, Priest or Rabbi. What the speaker needs is often different than what the choir or band needs.

If the acoustics are poor in the choir, or on the stage, it is difficult for the singers to adequately blend their voices. For the speaker, poor acoustics can make it difficult for them to concentrate on their message because their voice may be bouncing back to them while they are speaking.

Acoustics is also responsible for how well the congregation is able to understand the words that are being spoken. Acoustics for Churches, Temples, Synagogues and other types of worship spaces, have multiple requirements from an acoustics point of view. Some worship spaces are for quiet reflection and introspection. Other worship spaces are for lively celebration. One thing these spaces have in common is that usually there is someone who is delivering a spoken message and there is also music in the form of singing and musical instruments.

Acoustical consultants talk in terms of reverberation, absorption and decay time and many other technical terms. Stated simply, if the worship space is for quiet, reflective time, with traditional music being played, then the acoustics need to be designed for that purpose. If the worship space is for quiet reflective time and later more lively types of music being played, then that requires a different acoustical design. Then there are the worship spaces that want a high energy feel. This could require another type of acoustical design.

Some worship spaces play traditional music, possibly a choir with an organ or piano accompanying them, while other worship spaces may perform high energy modern music using amplified drums, guitars and keyboards and singers. In either case, it is critical to have an acoustical consultant like AcoustiControl involved from the beginning stages of the architectural design.

There are many things an acoustical consultant will consider when doing the acoustical design of a space, like the angle of a wall or the height of the ceiling. These can make the difference between whether people like being in the space or not.

The field of acoustics is part science and part art, and many consider it to be the art portion of the science that helps develop a good acoustic' "feel" in a space. The acoustic "feel" helps members of the congregation to feel more relaxed while they are inside the space.

AcoustiControl strives to fulfill the balance of the needs of the music and the spoken word so that all can be easily heard, understood, and enjoyed.

AcoustiControl works in concert with the design team to ensure that the worship space sounds as good as it looks.