Our Credentials

Jim Holtrop

Jim Holtrop

Principal Acoustical Consultant

Jim has over 40 years experience and has authored 15 patents in acoustics.


  • BS in Chemical Engineering Michigan State University
  • Masters in Chemical Engineering Washington University

Professional Societies

  • Acoustical Society of America
  • American Hospital Association
  • Institute of Noise Control Engineers
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers



Jill Holtrop

Jill Holtrop


AcoustiControl is a Certified 100% Woman Owned Business.

Jill founded AcoustiControl in 2002 and she understands that it is now more important than ever to design spaces in which the people can have a sense of wellbeing.

Because current design trends consist mainly of hard surfaces, it is essential to control the noise buildup that occurs in those spaces. Too much noise causes serious stress on the people who live and work in those spaces.

Important Things We Thought You Should Know:

We work closely with our clients to prevent and or solve noise and vibration related challenges in many different types of spaces, some of which are:

Some of the many projects we have helped design are:

  • Over 60 Multifamily Developments
  • Over 36 Educational and Performance Spaces and Recording Studios
  • Over 30 Healthcare Facilities
  • Over 22 Hospitality Developments
  • Over 56 Corporate Offices and Conference Rooms
  • Over 36 Judicial and Government Facilities
  • Over 64 Indoor and Outdoor Industrial Noise Surveys

AcoustiControl can help you with mechanical noise and vibration control, outdoor noise pattern computer modeling, and acoustical modeling of interior spaces. 

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