Much of what is learned in school happens through hearing and listening. However, if the classroom itself has poor acoustics, it is not good for the student's well being and actually interferes with their ability to learn. For example, high levels of background noise generated by HVAC equipment, or environmental noise from outside the classroom can actually lower the student's academic performance.

Careful consideration must be given to the room acoustics, particularly in the primary grades where the young student's ears are not fully developed.

Young children don't possess yet the ability to 'interpret' what is being said if they don't hear all the words being spoken. They are unable to 'fill in the gaps' at this stage of life. Children with normal hearing can miss as much as a third of what their teacher is saying in a classroom with poor acoustics. Imagine what a child with poor hearing misses! This is why good acoustical design of the classrooms is imperative.

How unfortunate it is when the environment our children are supposed to learn in is a poor learning environment. 

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