Poor Acoustics Interfere With Good Design

Noise problems are preventable if a qualified acoustical
consultant is retained at the design phase of your project.

However, many current problems can also be rectified, but it is always best to avoid problems at the design phase than to have to fix them after the project is finished. This is of course because it is always much less expensive to avoid a problem than it is to fix it later.

Having to fix a problem afterwards not only affects your bottom line, it also affects your credibility with your client. What's that old adage? "There's never enough time or money to do it right, but somehow there's always enough time and money to do it over." We can help you avoid that.

In multifamily developments, one of the most common complaints acoustical consultants receive from residents is noise. It affects the quality of their life while they are in their home. It is the reason they complain to their neighbors, move, or even worse, decide to sue the builder.

In open office environments, noise is the #1 complaint among office workers. 

Research shows that employee productivity is significantly reduced and error rates go up when there is too much noise in the work environment.

Hiring an acoustical consultant to reduce noise pollution is an ever growing need in sustainable design. The importance of good acoustical design also applies to hotels, schools, auditoriums and worship and performance spaces. We've all been in those spaces where it is difficult to hear. When a space is acoustically designed properly, that won't happen.

As you read through our website, we believe you will find many instances where poor acoustics are affecting your life in ways that you weren't even aware.

Consumers are demanding a quieter environment where they live, work and play. Design firms who once thought they couldn't afford to design for noise issues are now finding that they can't afford not to.

Active Noise Control

In addition to our acoustical consulting design services, AcoustiControl is also able to help mechanical equipment manufacturers reduce the amount of noise the fans generate. Please click on the Silentium tab at the top right of this page to learn more about Active Noise Control. We believe ANC is the wave of the future for noise reduction of noise generating fans.