Our Credentials

Jim Holtrop

Jim Holtrop

Principal Acoustical Consultant

Jim has authored 15 patents in acoustics and conducted Acoustical Research and Development with Monsanto and Solutia Corporations for 30 years before joining AcoustiControl in 2004.


  • BS in Chemical Engineering Michigan State University.
  • Masters in Chemical Engineering Washington University.
  • Completion of the University of Hartford’s entire discipline in Acoustics*

Professional Societies

  • Acoustical Society of America
  • Institute of Noise Control Engineers
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers
Jill Holtrop

Jill Holtrop


Jill founded AcoustiControl as a manufacturer’s representative’s firm for sound control products in 2002.  Prior to that, Jill had been president of 2 successful award winning small businesses for 24 years.

AcoustiControl is a certified WBE Smalll Business Enterprise.

Spaces are often designed to have a certain “look and feel” but without a compatible acoustic design, the “feel of the space that is sought for, often cannot be attained. Many times, the “feel”, actually winds up becoming unpleasant for a variety of reasons to the people using the space, and actually works against a beautiful design and the purpose of the space. We help you avoid all that.

Important Things We Thought You Should Know:

  1. *Only a dozen universities in the U.S. offer a full discipline in the study of acoustics. The University of Hartford is considered to be premier in this field of study. AcoustiControl is one of the select acoustical consulting firms whose acoustical consultant has completed this entire study at the University of Hartford.
  2. With the exception of Oregon, there is no certification required for acoustical consultants in the U.S. Anyone can be an acoustical consultant regardless of formal education in acoustics. Therefore it is important to know the level of expertise and the extent of acoustical education of the consultant you are relying upon.
  3. We are proud to say that we have been involved in multiple projects with over 85% of our clients!

We work closely with our clients to prevent and or solve noise and vibration related challenges in many different types of spaces, some of which are:

  • performing arts centers
  • judicial facilities
  • healthcare facilities
  • corporate headquarters
  • industrial facilities
  • medical office buildings
  • schools / lecture halls
  • correctional facilities
  • multifamily / hotels
  • worship spaces
  • recording studios
  • multipurpose rooms
  • libraries 
  • conference rooms

AcoustiControl can help you with mechanical noise and vibration control, noise and privacy criteria determination, indoor noise monitoring, outdoor environmental noise monitoring, outdoor noise pattern computer modeling, and acoustical modeling of interior spaces.  We provide noise control design and testing services for industrial noise control, building mechanical equipment systems, wall partition and floor ceiling assembly design to isolate noise within a building. We help separate noisy spaces from quiet ones. 

We also provide in laboratory new product testing services.

AcoustiControl is also the North American Representative for Silentium’s Unique “Silence in a Chip” Technology which is ideally suited to be implemented at the product development phase to reduce mechanical equipment fan noise.

Professional Societies

  • Full member of Institute of Noise Control Engineers
  • Full member of Acoustical Society of America
  • Conducted Independent Study on Interior Automotive Noise Control