Why Use AcoustiControl?

Because if you are designing a project, you would like to do the best job you can to make sure your client is happy when the project is finished. Designing the acoustics of a space to be pleasant, or preventing annoying noise to interfere with the optimum use of your building is a critical component in achieving this.

Our goal is to help you avoid noise and vibration issues, and if it is too late to avoid them, then we can help solve them.

When we are involved at the design phase of a project, we help  architects, contractors and owners avoid noise and vibration issues from occurring after your project has been completed.

Noise and vibration problems are expensive to fix after the project is finished. and can often lead to litigation, which is something no one desires. We help avoid those issues, and much more importantly, we feel our purpose is to help you deliver a project that your client is very happy with from a sound and vibration point of view. 

We  help with noise and vibration control in many types of projects, such as

  • hospitals

  • medical buildings

  • industrial facilities

  • apartment and condominium projects

  • open office spaces

  • schools

  • performance spaces and auditoriums

  • worship spaces 

If a noise or vibration problem already exists inside a structure, or on top or outside of it, we can help reduce or possibly eliminate it. We are able to perform acoustical testing at the source of the problem to understand exactly what the issue is and then make recommendations to help solve it.

We can help you solve a problem or prevent one.

AcoustiControl would like to help you help pair a wonderful design with a wonderful sound.

We also perform environmental noise surveys to help identify and solve noise problems that might arise from rooftop mechanical equipment.

Our acoustical consultant has over 40 years of experience in acoustical research and development and has invented 2 sound control products.

Acoustical Society of America
Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA American Institute of Architects

In addition to our acoustical consulting services, AcoustiControl is also the US expert for Silentium's active noise reduction "Silence in a Chip" technology.

Silentium is best utilized at the large scale design stage prior to manufacturing of mechanical equipment to dramatically reduce fan noise.

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