Silentium Active Noise Control

Finally there is an improved, cost effective and efficient way to reduce mechanical fan noise with ANC "active noise control" technology! It is also referred to as ANR "active noise reduction" technology.

What does this technology do? Simply put, it generates a sound wave to cancel out an offending sound wave and is capable of reducing noise by up to 90% percent.

We feel that Silentium's "Silence in a Chip" technology is the wave of the future for noise control.

Silentium is the leading innovator in the field of embedded Active Noise Control (ANC) solutions. Silentium's "Silence in a Chip", ANC solutions - contain unique cutting edge technologies that are embedded by product makers (OEMs & ODMs) in a wide range products.

This micro chip technology is programmable and would be incorporated during the manufacturing stage of any type of mechanical equipment that generates noise so that we can all have a quieter world!

If you deal with HVAC noise, we feel certain that you will be interested in knowing about the possibilities of this technology and how when it is incorporated into a system design, can reduce noise and help save you money.

Quiet Bubble

In addition to quieting mechanical fan noise, Silentium offers their revolutionary " Quiet Bubble", based on their proprietary Zone to Zone Active Noise Control. The noise control produces an opposing signal at the same amplitude but with the opposite plan as the intrusive noise, providing a significant reduction of noise level.

Quiet Bubble 1 used with a headset reduces the noise between 14dB(A)-23Db(A). A standard passive headset combined with Silentium's active technology allows for noise reduction up to 30dB(A).

Quiet Bubble 2 does not need headphones. It reduces ambient noise 14dB(A) within an individual zone helping to reduce stress in a work environment.

Silentium's technology can be used for the HVAC, IT and automotive industries, to name only a few. The innovation is this: With speakers and mircophones, one sound can cancel out the other sound, resulting in significant noise reduction of fan generated noise.

About Silentium

Silentium is led by an experienced team of innovative high-tech industry experts,comprised of electronic engineers, digital signal processing experts, and acoustic scientists. They also have a R&D background in general acoustic field analysis and in Active Noise Control specifically. It is for these reasons that AcoustiControl is proud to partner with Silentium.

 How Can Active Noise Reduction Technology Help You?

Noise pollution from a wide range of electronic and mechanical equipment can cause stress, impaired hearing and communication, and adversely affects productivity and health. Silentium's active noise control solutions contain unique, cutting edge technology, that is both compact and cost effective, delivering more than 10dB(A) noise reduction (50-90%) across the entire audio spectrum.

Silentium's Active Noise Control solutions can be applied to a myriad of applications for fan generated noise in IT, HVAC (residential, commercial, and automotive), medical equipment, small appliances (dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc.), and noisy kitchen range hoods.

Using Silentium's efficient, and cost-effective technology, the same basic design and components may be customized to the specific needs of many different large or small applications.

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To know even more about how this cutting edge technology from Silentium can help meet your production design needs to reduce fan generated noise, please call Jim Holtrop at AcoustiControl at 314.436.9770 or email